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All Aboard! Mega Yacht School!

Live, Learn and Play Aboard the Super Yacht Amazing Grace for a Week or More!

Does your teenage boy want an aquatic adventure or a maritime career? We offer a unique, first-class yacht experience and career start program with exciting, fun and educational aquatic experiences. Boys who enroll in the program will spend one or more weeks of their summer living aboard the truly amazing, 114-foot Amazing Grace, where they will learn to pilot the vessel from the Captain's chair, acquire the skills of a deck crew member, become familiar with the engine room, and collect other skills relevant to life and work on a “super yacht.” In addition, weekly adventures will include sailing lessons, scuba diving lessons, fishing aboard our 50-foot Hatteras motor yacht, anchoring off Cumberland Island where horses still roam free, and so much more.


Summer Yacht School Deck

In Summer 2014, Teenage
Boys Will Experience a
Once in a Lifetime Adventure!

This incredible opportunity is open to adolescent boys, ages 15-17.  From just a week to several weeks, parents can take advantage of this unique opportunity for their boy to learn how to handle a yacht and have fun and new experiences on the ocean.

Our yacht captains and support staff are Christian professionals. Each day the boys will study the practical Book of Proverbs and will be surrounded by Christians who live their faith. Boys will grow in character and maturity at the same time as they learn valuable career skills and possibly and new outlook on life.

Though this yacht experience is not intended for at-risk youth, a professional counselor will be available to the boys who participate.

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CALL NOW...LIMITED SPACE FOR UP TO 12 BOYS. Includes: - Sailing lessons...tennis lessons...surfing lessons...scuba diving lessons...golfing lessons...tours of various museums...deep sea fishing...kayaking...beach horseback riding...and tours of various historic spots and ports.
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